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Unique Southern Illinois Cabins

Beautiful. Serene. Uncrowded.

The Romantic Ambiance will charm and entice you.
The Upscale Amenities will pamper your senses.
The Spectacular View will renew your soul.

Private and secluded, yet a scenic stroll to the Romance of Italy
at Blue Sky Vineyard!

Refreshing and inspiring. View from the Creole House spa pavilion
  • NorthLemonade
    Refreshing and inspiring. View from the Creole House spa pavilion
  • beaujolaisRoom_fullsize
    Indulgent plush, king size bed in the Beaujolais Room
  • HobbitHouseArch_fullsize
    The Hobbit House - authentic
  • Hot Tub Sunset 1
    Time to just breathe...
  • Sycamore-Red_fullsize
    Fall colors are here! Now this is what I'm talkin' about.
  • Creole House Interior at Rocky Comfort Cabins
    Doesn't this make you want to just curl up with a good book?
  • Southern Illinois Wildlife at Rocky Comfort Cabins
    Front door entertainment.
    Brought to you unedited.
  • Rocky Comfort Cabins - Southern Illinois Cabin rentals near Blue Sky Vineyard
    Sangria, wine, food and family - Blue Sky Vineyards. No need to drive there. Just meander around the trees next to the grapevines and walk to Blue Sky.
  • Rocky Comfort Cabins - Waterfalls in the Southern Illinois
    Rocky Bluff waterfall, a short drive from your cabin. The trail starts at the waterfall.
  • gorevilleWaterfall
    Explore this spectacular waterfall. Bork's Falls in a section of Fern Clyffe.
  • Beautiful View at Rocky Comfort Cabins

Beautiful Craftsmanship with Premium Location!
Your Private Cabin Getaway on the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail in Southern Illinois

Hike to Panther's Den from the Cabin!

Settle in for a few days while you head out and explore the natural beauty and diversity of southern Illinois.

Shawnee Hills Wine Trail, Blue Sky Vineyard, Hiking, Zip Line, Waterfalls, Walking trails...all at your fingertips at Rocky Comfort Cabins.