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Perfect blend of Hobbit comfort with Elvish Couture...

"Our life is extremely hectic and stressful . . . and Hobbit Hollow allowed us to relax and reconnect with what is meaningful in our lives. This is the perfect local getaway in southern Illinois. Charming and whimsical, the environment is designed to delight and comfort. You can tell that the owners put a lot of care and thought into the home. From the leather auto-reclining love seat, the no-hassle gas fireplace, the beautiful lighting, the drift-off-to-sleep bed - everything in this place is top notch - no expense spared. It was so helpful to have the kitchen beautifully stocked with high-end, high-quality resources (bowls, spices, utensils, etc.). There's a reason why you have to book far in advance for the home . . . but it's worth the wait. I can't wait until we can book another getaway."
Rhonda and Michael

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Just like The Cove, the Hollow is a cozy, luxurious, awesome cabin for two. The two can be lovers, friends, doesn't matter to us. We simply want guests to be able to enjoy a luxurious getaway with tons of character and whimsy. One big bed, a power recline leather loveseat and reclining leather chair, and one gorgeous bathroom will allow you to be immersed in another world with your special someone.

We've organized comments and reviews to help you see what our guests have to say about their special stay. Our list has just begun!

Hollow reviews on VRBO :)

The Hobbit Hollow was absolutely everything we expected it to be. We were looking for a secluded, romantic weekend away from the kids and the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the Hollow delivered exactly what we wanted. First of all, guests can really feel how much work went into it. As you pull up through the winding hills you can just feel all of the natural beauty surrounding you, and that multiplies by 10 when you open the door to the house, you are immediately submersed in a the warmth of the décor. It gives the same feeling as the first sip of a good glass of brandy, fills you with warmth and goodness.
My wife was totally surprised, she knew I was taking her to a "cabin", but was pleasantly shocked at the "cabin" I found. She was expecting some dumpy log cabin in the middle of the woods somewhere, like where I usually take our boys camping, and I heard a sigh of relief when she opened the door and saw the welcoming coziness of the Hollow. The weather was great for February, we were in the hot tub Friday night and I am an early riser so was in it again for the sunrise Saturday morning, which was beautiful. Several deer were hopping around too, was a very relaxing experience. We ate lunch sitting by the fire pit and it wasn’t cold in the least bit. We did head over to Blue Sky Winery for about 2 hours, but honestly, we aren't much of wine people so we headed back and took another dip in the tub and pretty much just watched tv the rest of the night and Sunday morning. Even though wine is not our cup of tea, it was just another added convenience that the winery was a simple 10 minute walk from the house. I actually really enjoyed the fact that there was no wifi, just added to the romantic feel, you don’t realize how much time you waste online until you don’t have access to it. It really was exactly what I had in mind, just unplugging and hanging out with my wife for a few days. I think we will definitely be back again at some point. I cant imagine how beautiful it must be in Autumn.
Mark and Lynn

The hobbit hollow was literally home away from home. This cabin was so beautiful and everything from the towels, to the robes, to the decor, to the bed, to the covers was amazing. I struggle with traveling because I miss my home but with the things provided I felt like I was at home. Everything was so clean and you can tell that so much thought and care was put into every detail. We will definitely be back every year. And on top of the cabin being immaculate, it is walking distance to Blue Sky Vineyards. Couldn't of asked for anything else!!!
Terri and Adam |

After hours of searching the internet for a romantic getaway cabin, we stumbled across Rocky Comfort Cabins; the pictures do not do them justice. Speaking with Nancy, I immediately felt her love and passion for their cabins. Her and her husband, Ed, have taken immense care into every detail of craftsmanship and decoration in their cabins. When you drive down the rocky path to the front of the cabin, you are taken back by the architectural beauty and colorful landscaping. My husband and I didn't even unload the car, we needed to see the inside! When you enter the cabin you are immediately greeted by the rug, "Speak Friend and Enter," from The Lord of the Rings movie. Upon entering, you are overwhelmed with a calm feeling as you see the many flameless candles lit, for just the right ambiance. We open the welcoming note from Nancy and Ed, telling us to "Leave all of our worldly troubles behind, for we are now in The Shire." Wow. I can already tell this trip was going to be everything we needed. (The homemade chocolate chunk cookies were also a delicious touch!) Every detail had been meticulously thought of, down to the guest book. From the natural sunlight that shines through the skylights, to the relaxing and comfortable mechanical recliners, to the warmth of the fireplace on those cool evenings. Pour a glass of wine, put on your Egyptian cotton robe and head to the luxurious spa just outside your bedroom. After your dip, cook a delicious meal together in the fully stocked kitchen. It has everything, and I mean everything, you'll need! (Believe me, we've stayed at many cabins over the years. We brought our "usual items" like a potato peeler, wine opener, foil, lighter for the bbq, etc. NONE of these were needed.) All kitchenware was top quality as well. We even bbq'd out on the patio in the rain! There were clear coverings over the patio to let in the natural light, but also exposing the beautiful skyline. Ed and Nancy made sure to think of everything! Want to go out for a while? Just a quick stroll down the path, and you will be at Blue Sky Winery. Enjoy wine tasting and a simple meal while you walk the beautiful grounds of the Vineyard. There are also trails near by for those avid hikers. Pack your bags, "leave all of your worldly troubles behind," and head to Hobbit Hollow! Thank you Ed and Nancy for opening up your home! It was unforgettable, and we will be back! We are already planning our next trip!
Nick and Crystal| Cape Girardeau, Mo

Guest Comments

We are blown away. The door, the barrels, the pictures; every single detail about The Holliw is perfect and we can easily tell how much love and effort was put into the home. Just when you think you've seen everything, another exciting detail pops up.
We greatly appreciate your hospitality and enthusiasm for Hobbit Hollow. We are already starting to plan our next trip here and can't wait to tell friends and family how amzing this place truly is.
Marklee and Austin | Bloomington, Il

Another great stay for us in southern Il thanks to your hospitality! The Hollow is beautiful. Both houses are truly one-of-a-kind! Being snowed in at the Hollow was certainlly interesting. Scenery is so beautiful!
Snowy hot tub nights were spectacular. Already trying to look at our calendar for another trip to the Hobbit House(s)! So glad we finally got to meet. All of your hard work has paid off! My favorite place to be in all of southern Il!
Until next time...
Cara and Erik/Lincoln, Il

This is our second stay. 1st stay was last February in the original Hobbit. This year was amazing as well. We love the wineries but barely ventured out because we love it here better. Everything awesome! Beautifully furnished! Excellent job again. Hopefully we will be back for longer next time. 4 days is not enough!
Bill and Susanne

What a haven this has been for us these past two days. We could tell you put a great deal of love into Hobbit Hollow...and we appreciated it! It has all the comforts and the best that the Shire and some hints of the charm of the Elvish - Rivendale has to offer.
The beautiful decor, the extras provided in the kitchen, the plush towels, robes, and rugs, the magical, stress-relieving fire place and spa...We felt the worries from the world of men temporarily melt away.
We were able to connect with each other here, my love and I, in a a way...a deeper, more meaningful way, despite tremendous stressors from work and the business of providing for four teenagers. We understand how Frodo and Sam miss and long to return to the Shire...We are experiencing that now. But we will return - as soon as we can.
Rhonda and Michael

Thank you for letting us stay in this cabin. Beautiful craftsmanship, attention to detail, and gorgeous decorating are what make "Hobbit Hollow" so unique. We've stayed at many cabins all over the U.S. over the last decade, and this one hands-down tops the list!
Wonderfully stocked kitchen and bathrooms! Stunning location and so close to home for us! You can bet we'll be back!
Your fellow "Hobbits" Nick and Crystal/Cape Girardeau, Mo

Thank you so much for such a wonderful stay at the Hollow. What a beautiful cabins. It far exceed our expectations ! It was comfortable, priate, and had everything could wish for. The eggs and cherry turn-overs were such a thoughtful additon to our morning breakfast. Thank you again for making this a memorable vacation for us
Raquel and Matt/Whaton, Il

I can't tell you how excited we were to book this place. I had a geek attack at the thought of staying in a hobbit house. The lack of phone service was startling at first because this was our first trip since we had our 18 month old daughter, BUT, we quickly worked around that and loved the feeling of seclusion once we got used to it. It really DID feel like the Shire. It was perfect; the linens, the robes, the guys are doing an amazing job here. We're already talking about coming back. Thank you. You have no idea how much we needed this.
Zack and Jen July 2016 | Alton, Il

Thanks for creating a wonderful get-away. The Hobbit Hollow is truly a magical realm. It was enough to just sit here and take it all in. We plan to visit again in the future and stay longer We truly wish this was our home.
Tiffany and Scott July 2016 | Indianapolis, IN

This place is so cool! All of the details are amazing! ery well thought out - quiet! We had a family of turkeys visit the roof - 11 total. Also saw 5 deer :) We were wodering if you'll be adding more homes to the Shire? Very nice time. Thank you so much!
Dean and Tammy June 2016 | Mackinaw, Il

To our gracious hosts, thank you so much for this haven for us. We know this is a haven for many pairs, but it feels like it was made just for us. Every wonderful detail of this home helps bring us away from everythig. For 5 days we've been able to live in the moment and be at peace. Peace and alone time are hard to come by now, and this place encapsulated everything we wanted in a vacation. :)
Adrian and Eden June 2016 | Chicago, Il

Hobbit Hollow is the perfect retreat! We loved all of the details and the serene setting. We enjoyed the Trillium Trail and hearing Bluegrass music by the amazing Beth Davis at the Yellow Moon Cafe. We look forward to coming back! Many Thanks!
Debra and Ryan October 2016 | Chicago, Il

It all all great stories do...within a hole in the ground.
Not a dirty hole, mind you. This hole had all the comforts one could wish for...because this hole...was the home of a hobbit...
Two hobbits in fact, by the names of Cierce and Max. Long had they travelled to be we in the vineyards and forests of Lothlorien - erm -Blue Sky Vineyard. Beneath the June sunlight they pledged themselves to one another. Then came a marvelous party with all the excitement a hobbit could want and a feast enough to feed all of the Shire! Hobbits had travelled from the south farthing and Buckland to attend this grand event. At the end of the night, our newlywed hobbits retreated to their cozy hole in the ground. They marvelled at its comfort.
The following day they travelled to some of the finest eateries the Shire could offer, and spent the day on a boat lounging in the sun. All was grand until their carriage broke down. The carriage was towed to Gondor.
They called upon Rohan (Progressive) whom abided by the rule of a mad king corrupted by the dark lord Sauron........Gondor called for aide, and the hobbits were thrown into an unexpected journey to return to their home so far away.
So now, we must close our tale and venture to convince Rohan to ride to the aide of the 2 hobbits and Gondor. But, fear not...their tale is far from over...and they shall the hole in the ground.
Ed and Nancy - Thanks for everything. You guys and this place have been amazing! We look forward to returning to celebrate a year of marriage! As well - enjoy your own wedding and may you be blessed with a lifetime of joy! Until we meet again, friend!
Cierce and Max - One ring to rule them all!
June 2016 | Chicago, Il

Thank you so much for creating such an inviting hobbit home for our honeymoon. We loved staying here. Unforgettable place. Thanks again! We'll be back!
Max and Hannah | August 2016 | Midland, MI

This place is absolutely amazing. We can't wait to come back. Every little detail in this cabin was thought of so well! We will be recommending it to everyone we know!
We came here for our honeymoon and I have never found anywhere so peaceful. It was amazing!
Can't wait to come back!
Nate and Katie | November 2016 | Jacksonville, Il

Just want to thank you! We came here to celebrate my husband Rick's 50th birthday. When we pulled up in front of the house it was as if we stepped out into the Shire! The way you built and decorated the house made the "Hobbit" come to life.
Although it was a gift for Rick, the tranquility was a gift for us both.
Rick and Tammy/Murphysboro, Il

Just the "getaway" needed! Hobbit Hollow is truly amazing - every detail and special touch make it so inviting and relaxing. The chocolate treats left for my 50th birthday were Yummy and a nice personal touch.
Your place is unveliveable and it truly shows how much you both care about it and the guests who enter :) Thank you - we'll be back!
The Jordans P.S. (J.R.R. Tolkien - Hobbit geek - loved it!!!)

Thank you for another wonderful getaway! WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT HERE!! Thank you for the great birthday treats! We will make this our personal little private piece of heaven. As usual, you have outdone yourselves! Job well done!! Thanks for the memories :) Awesome place!!
Kim and JR

Absolutely stunning place. The pictures don't do it justice. We came here for a birthday and truly enjoyed every minute. The special little touches, with the muffins, and the birthday dessert. Just topped the cake. We will dfinitely be returning. Thank you so much for the hospitality...and for creating this remarkable place!
Nicole and Debbie June 2016 | Sesser, Il

Thank you for making our "birthday" getaway so special! What a surprise to find the decadent chocolate peaks and strawberries in the fridge. Yummy! We enjoyed staying in this charming hobbit home and marveled at the architecture and decor...the peace of the sights and sounds of nature...everything! Looking forward to our next stay.
Linda and Terry| August 2016 | Alton, Il

In a hole in the was a hobbit hole, and that means comfort. The Hollow is certainly all about comfort, from the softest towels to the most comforable bed and pillows. Appreciated all the details that went in to make this a special retreat for peace, relaxation, and comfort. The birthday treats were delicious! Thank you so much for the lovely stay. Looking forward to another adventure here soon.
Teri and Robin| August 2016 | Decatur, Il

What a beautiful cabin you have here at The Hollow. It's definnitely top notch and would love to come and stay again. Thank you for the personal touches and the dessert was yummy! Chuck and Cheryl | Sept 2016 | Coffeen, Il

We had a fantastic time. This was my gift to Thomas for his birthday way back in January. He said the wait was worth it. The fresh eggs and muffins were a welcome treat. This little place is what southern Illinois is all about! Relaxation!
Susan and Thomas | October 2016 | Thompsonville, Il

This place is AMAZING!!!
We loved every single thing about staying at the Hollow. We will be back...and who knows, by that time there may be yet another Hobbit House! Thank you for creating such an eclectic retreat for people just like us to come and get away from it all. It was a pleasure to actually get to meet the two of you this weekend as well! Again, thank you for the hospitality you have shown and for allowing us to stay as guests and leave as friends. I know you had no control over the weather, but our anniversary weekend could not have been more spectacular!
Aubrey and Chris February 2016 | Newton, Il

We are overwhelmed! As Lord of the Ring and Hobbit fans your attention to details, right down to the pen I am writing with, makes this place visually stunning. Beautiful inside and out! And...the special chocolate cake surprise and note for our anniversary was literally icing on top! We are so excited to be here, in our own backyard so to speak. Cannot wait for a return visit in this southern Illinois Shire.
Brilliant, simply brilliant.
Rick and Laurie Chapman |July 2016 | Marion,Il

Thank you for providing a wonderful experience for us on our anniversary. It was a pleasure to meet the both of you and learn about the Hollow.
The Hollow is absolutely beautiful and we are pleased to be the first guests to stay here! I guarantee this will not be our last stay here. We look forward to our next visit and hope that future guests enjoy the Hollow as much as we did!
Travis and Nicole | January 2016 | Mohomet,Il

The place is AWESOME, just like last year at the Hobbit House! Don't know which one is our favorite because they both are.
Thanks for remembering our anniversary - yes! 21 years this year. The chocolate cake was delicious. Thank you again. We hope to make this a yearly tradition.
Gavin and Patti | July 2016 | Champaign, Il

We couldn't be anymore happy and surprised with the Hollow! The details and theme from the Hobbit movies make this place all the more magical! Although the weather wasn't on our side, we found shelter and entertainment in our home away from home.
Melissa and Zach | July 2016 | Prophetown, Il

The road goes ever on and on, down from the door where it began...
We were sad to leave, and so enjoyed our 19th anniversary here in Middle Earth. Thank you for the yummy dessert and we look forward to returning.
Douglas and Amy | May 2016 | Mattoon, Il

What a beautiful place for us to celebrate our 46th anniversary!
We have never read the Hobbit but after staying here and reading the comments of previous guests here at the Hollow and who obviously knew the story, I am now reading your leather-bound copy of it! Now so much about this magical house is making sense :)! So homey and comfortable! Thanks for all of it!
Mike and Sharon | September 2016 | Herrin, Il

We have had such a relaxing time celebrating our 6th anniversary! Everything was jjust perfect! From the fresh eggs and beautiful homemade treats to the comfy bed and inviting hot tub, everything was amazing! Every detail has been thought of and executed with precision! We will be making an annual trip to visit for sure.
Mike and Crista | September 2016 | Belleville, Il

Our stay was amazing! We plan to make this an annual (or more!) visit!
An older gentleman, dressed all in grey with a tall grey hat stopped by, but he must have been looking for someone else. He left quickly, muttering something about he must have taken a wrong turn past the green dragon ;)
Next time we plan to stay longer - two nights is not enough! Amanda and Brian | September 2016 | Cape Girardeau, MO

My husband and I stayed here for our 5th wedding anniversary. I was so excited to stumble upon this place online. My husband and I are huge Hobbit and LOTR fans! We totally got to geek out. It was fabulous finding all of the little deails that just added to the charm of a Hobbit House. We absolutely loved it here and will definitely be back !!! A huge thank you to Ed and Nancy for putting so much care and thought into the Hollow! Everything was perfect! You made our anniversary extra special! Thanks again!!!
Dallas and Kim | October 2016 | Paris, Il

The Hollow was the perfect setting to celebrate our 15th anniversary. This peaceful place is gorgeous! The weather cooperated on Halloween for once, which was great for hot tubbing. We appreciated the chocolate peaks and all of the love put into the finer things you offer here. We don't want to go home! But, we have to...and we will be back. Thanks a bunch. #letsgocubbies
Laura and Matthew | October 2016 | Wolf Lake, Il

Our son and his wife recommended this place to us as a perfect get-a-way and they were right. Being J.R.R. Tolkien fans since the 19702s made it even more appealing. This place was perfect, from the decor to the comfort, to the lovely surroundings. It far exceeded our expectations. The only negative is that our stay was far too short. What a perfect way to spend our 47th wedding anniversary. Thank you so much for the delicious treats. We are already planning our next visit.
Dennis and Nancy | November 2016 | Matoon, Il

My husband and I stayed here for our 5th wedding anniversary. I was so excited to stumble upon this place on-line. My husband and I are huge Hobbit and LOTR fans! We totally got to geek out. It ws fabulous finding all of the charm of a Hobbit House. We absolutely loved it here and will definitely be back!!! A huge thank you to Ed and Nancy for putting so much care and thought into The Hollow. Everything was perfect! You made our anniversary extra special! Thanks again!!!
Dallas and Kim | October 2016 | Paris, Il

Sometimes you just have to see it.

Reviews with Artistic Flair

What an awesome place. Every detail in line with the theme! We spent two rainy days enjoying the hot tub, drinking, and eating too much!
The third day we chased waterfalls. Bork Falls is well worth the short drive. Stay to the right from the top to an easy trail to the bottom. The falls at Fern Clyff Park is an easy stroll from the parking area. We then went to the Crab Orchard Visitor Center, and then round trip to our favorite winery - Owl Creek. A little out of the way, but really good wine.
Next day we put the kayaks in Devil's Kitchen Lake. We expolored the backwaters. We saw many birds, turtles, (at least 50!) snakes, deer, and ducks. We ended the day at Giant City State Park. Now we have to leave. We need a vacation from our vacation!
Tony and Mary May 2016 | Fenton, MO

We planned our getaway not expecting everything to be absolutely perfect, however, we were surprised at the perfection you have achieved at this wonderful place. We could not love this place any more. Thank you! We will see you next year!
Matt and George April 2016 | Swansea, Il

What a perfect getaway from St. Louis!! You've thought of everything and left us wanting or needing anything more! The eggs were perfect - as we had not found any to buy along the way. Such yellow yolks!! The butterflies on the zinnias were really fun to watch - and when you look closer, micro wildlife abounds! The turnovers were amazing and now I'll have to figure out how to make them!! Hope to make it back one day...Thank you! Emily and Doug | August 2016 | St. Louis, MO

Thank you for sharing the beauty and magic of this wonderful place with us. We both feel better and have loved our time. Everything is perfect. You have thought of so many wonderful things and made this one of the best vacations we have had. David and Toni | Sept 2016 | East Galesburg, Il

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
We truly enjoyed our stay at your adorable "Hollow". We never truly unplug from our hectic lives but were able to here. The atmosphere, ammenities, and hominess of your cabin allowed us to relax...mind, body, and soul. For that we are thankful. Looking forward to our next escape to the Hollow.
Grateful, Thankful, and Truly Blessed Cherie and Michele | Sept 2016 | Jackson, MO

Thank you so much for such a wonderfull stay at the Hollow. What a beautiful cabin. It far exceeded our expectations!
It was comfortable, private, and had everything we could wish for. The eggs and Cherry turn-overs were such a thoughful addition to our morning breakfast. Thank you again for making this a memorable vacation for us.
Raquel and Matt April 2016 | Wheaton, Il