Rental Agreement | Rocky Comfort Cabins

Check-in Time: 3:30 pm

Check-out Time: 10:30 am

(Due to Covid-19, we need more time between stays for disinfecting)

Two guests only. Not suitable for young children.

Reservations require 50% of rental amount. Worry Free Booking requires 100% of the reservation. Ensure your reservation using our secure online booking calendar. If you Opt-Out of Worry Free ooking, the remaining balance will be charged 30 days before arrival date to the credit card on file.

We do accept checks but must be received within five days of requesting a reservation. $25 returned check fee.

YES! We are open and taking Reservations!


We, along with the rest of the world, are doing our best to work with the concerns around COVID-19.

We are not a hotel chain and our three cabins are a minimum of a football field's distance apart, out in back country.

While we are still having to work with travel restrictions due to Covid-19 we will try very hard to work with you with if you need to reschedule your trip.

We are all in this together and we will work very hard to help local business stay afloat during this intense time of uncertainty.

Please call us at 618-967-7236 with any questions or concerns.

We can't think of a better place than our cabins for social distance! At Rocky Comfort Cabins you will find peace and tranquility away from the rest of the world.

Cancellation Policy|

Please read carefully and call with any questions about the cancellation policies.

We continue to navigate the pandemic and we are working hard to give our guests peace of mind, and to keep our small business solvent.

This past year has made things very tenous with all the cancellations, rescheduling, and credit vouchers due to Covid. This is not sustainable for us. Thank you for understanding our position and respecting our rescheduling and cancellation policies, so we can continue to offer guests a needed escape to our little piece of paradise.

Our booking engine now offers Worry Free Booking. We highly recommend Opting In when making your reservation. The option will show up in your cart when making your reservation. Worry Free Booking allows you to relax and know that when life throws last minute curveballs, you as a paying guest and us as a small business, can both be worry free.

Worry Free Booking only kicks in 14 days before your arrival. Before the 14th day of arrival, our regular policies apply.

The Worry Free Booking fee of 10% is non-refundable.

A 10% cancellation fee is required for all cancelled reservations that do not fall under the Worry Free Booking policies (only applicable 14 days before arrival).

Refunds given for cancellations if notified before 30 days prior to check-in, less the cancellation fee. Cancellations received 30 days days prior to the check-in date will forfeit the room deposit and a fee equal to 100% of the remaining balance will be charged against the credit card on file No refunds for no-shows or early departures.
If you need to reschedule, or pick up a different time, there will be a rebooking fee of $30.00 if before the 30 days.

Changing Cabins

Once you have reserved a cabin, we request that guests not ask to switch cabins. The Cove, The Creole, and The Hollow are all beautiful, unique, and have the same ammenities. $30 re-scheduling fee will apply for changes in reservations.

Policies and Regulations

Feel at home and relax, but as you would the Shawnee Forest, please leave the cabins as you found them and treat them with the same consideration as your own home. We built our cabins with loving care to provide you with comfortable, home-like surroundings.

Check-in is no earlier than 3:30pm. Check-out is no later than 10:30 am. We do need the whole four hours to prepare the cabin for our incoming guests.

After Hours|

Checking in between 3:30 and 6:00 is preferred but you may check in anytime after 3:30pm. We may or may not be there upon arrival. We work very hard at making sure everything is wonderful and want to make your stay as memorable as possible, but we are human. We do not live on the property so if there is anything that comes up after 6:00 during your stay, please contact us but, unless it is something that needs immediate attention (such as water or electricity...), we will gladly come to the cabin to address the issue the next morning; Kind of like, if a deer walks into the satellite dish and the TV goes out. Truth! Actually, what better excuse to put down the remote and focus on other things. :) Please call Ed if you have any questions about this so he can address any concerns or questions you may have.

Only the number/names of specified guests listed on the reservation are allowed to occupy the property. You may not have outside guests without prior approval from Rocky Comfort Cabins.

No pets allowed. Call us if you have a Service Animal.

ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING. Smoking is not permitted inside the cabin or in the Hot Tub. If there is a scent of tobacco, a $250.00 fee will automatically be charged to fumigate the cabin.

Minimum age to rent is 25 years old.

Rocky Comfort Cabins is not responsible for lost or stolen property, or for any actions you or your guests take or do while staying at the cottage or its grounds. Rocky Comfort Cabins reserve the right to vacate any guests breaking policies or regulations. We reserve the right to refuse rental to anyone.

General Policies

Hot Tub| Use of the hot tub is not guaranteed. Hot tubs are expensive and needy luxuries. If a hot tub needs to be fixed prior to your check in date or while you are here we try to do our best to fix it, but just like the rest of us, sometimes we have to schedule a service call from Paradise Pools and Spa fix the problem. The problem usually has happened by misuse of the hot tub from a previous guest. There will not be a discount if the hot tub is not functioning. The use of any soap products, lotions or oils could damage the jacuzzi. Should any damage occur or we have to do an unscheduled complete water change, your credit card will be charged accordingly to either clean or repair the jacuzzi. If you plan on using the hot tub, please check the temperature and set it to what is comfortable for you when you arrive. Due to variables in weather, outdoor temperatures, energy efficiency, and potential for complete water changes between guests, the hot tub will not be up to temperature when you arrive. The hot tub heats up rapidly with the air jets off and the lid closed.

Please refrain from rearranging the furniture. Do not rewire or change setup of any electrical devices. We would prefer that you do not bring your own electronics to plug into our TV. Things go "haywire" when that happens. Do not attempt to "fix" anything. Call us if something is not working, although we do consistently check to make sure everything is working correctly before your arrival, things come up.

Bedroom Linens|We use high quality luxurious bed linens. Please refrain from using any oils or lotions that will ruin the bed sheets. If they are stained by any of these products we have to replace them. Leave used beds unmade. We will wash and replace the linens.

Walk Through | Rocky Comfort Cabins is not responsible for items left in the cabin. Please do a thorough check of the cabin before checking out from your stay. If something has been left behind and you would like it sent to you, please understand that you will have to pay for the cost of the shipping plus 10% for handling. You have 48 hours to claim the item.

General Care and Cleaning| Pretty Basic Stuff :)

Clean up any spills and take your kitchen trash out to the covered trash bin. No loose trash in the big garbage bin outside please.

Prior to checking out, wash out coffee pot and have dishes washed and put away. Have counters and stove wiped off and place dirty towels in hampers provided.


There is no refund for power outages or inclement weather (snow, ice, derechos, road conditions, solar flares, zombie apocalypse, earthquakes, power outages... etc.) that occur before or during your stay.

Our property is off of Panther's Den Road. There is a gated entrance that is shared by all cabins with a private driveway that curves off to each cabin. It is a long hilly driveway. There is an initial hill at the entrance of the gated drive that a two wheel vehicle may not be able to get up if it is snowy or icy. Usually AWD or Four wheel drive vehicles are extremely beneficial in snow or slick conditions. When there is ice, nobody moves. We try our very best but some things are just simply out of our control.

Because it is southern Illinois, the gas fireplace is to be used only during the months from October 1 through May 10, and is turned off in between. We know the ambiance is nice, but running the air conditioner on high with a gas fireplace burning is, well, somewhat inefficient. :)

Photographs and property description are used as a general reference only. We are always making changes and upgrades to the cabin and property.

Please be respectful of the cabins
There will be a $50 cleaning fee charged to your credit card if the basic cleaning/check-out policies are not followed.

By submitting a reservation you are authorizing that you have read and understand our rental agreement including the weather and general information below.


These are the Shawnee Hills. The hills, and any wooded area or prairie, are inhabited by everything nature has to offer. Please be observant, respectful, watch from a distance, and enjoy. You will more than likely hear and see a multitude of species including deer, raptors, coyotes, bobcats, turkey, raccoons, reptiles, and so much more. Heads up - Turtles cross over the cabin driveways :)

Weather (again)

If you reserved time during the winter months, please keep your eye on the weather in the days prior to your stay. If there is any ice or snow, we highly recommend having an AWD vehicle. These are not city roads and it takes time for the county to plow any snow or ice. This is back country.

In the event there is snow or ice please understand and be aware that it is not possible for us to plow. We will do our best to work with the conditions but please understand that the safety of everyone, including us, is important. Be prepared as you would when traveling to anywhere there is the possibility of inclement weather.

Our property is off of Panther's Den Road. There is a gated entrance that is shared by all cabins with a private driveway that curves off to each cabin. It is a long hilly driveway. There is an initial hill at the entrance of the gated drive that a two wheel vehicle may not be able to get up if it is snowy or icy. Usually AWD or Four wheel drive vehicles are extremely beneficial in snow or slick conditions. When there is ice, nobody moves. We try our very best but some things are just simply out of our control.

Something to keep in mind; having a sense of adventure and being snowed in at your cabin has been an awesome experience for most guests, on the rare times it does happen. Just sayin'...

The fireplace is only operable between October 1 - May10 .


In the warmer months we suggest you bring plenty of bug spray and use it, especially if you are headed to the woods. Ticks, chiggers, spiders, mosquitoes,...all the usual suspects are present in the prairie and in the woods. Keep in mind that ticks do not seem to care what repellent you use. The Asian lady bugs are permanently here to stay in the US. Autumn is certainly gorgeous in the Shawnee Hills and the ladybugs seem to agree. They will be here during those months.

We love our pets and understand the desire to bring them with you, but as of now, there is a no pets policy. We know how difficult it is to leave a furry family member behind. It is not that we are not "pet friendly. We have to board our own pets (two dogs and four cats) when we travel and it breaks our heart every time. As for the cabins, after a couple of tries at allowing pets it didn't go too well so we do have to stick with our policy. If you have a Service Animal, please contact us.

If you are looking for a party place we are not your destination. Guests come to Rocky Comfort Cabins for private, peaceful, beautiful surroundings, and accessibility to the Shawnee Hills.

Our policies reflect the care we've taken to ensure this beautiful property is open for travelers looking for unique and beautiful accommodations and will in turn treat this lovely retreat as they would their own home.