Looking for privacy, hot tub, fire place, creature comforts, all in a cabin in the Shawnee National Forest? These images are just a sample of your experience at Rocky Comfort Cabins.

  • There is an explosion of butterflies at all our cabins in the summer. The area is a perfect breeding ground
  • Wood detailing throughout the Hobbit Cove.This is the view from the oh so comfortable power recline loveseat.
  • Details, details...
  • The bathroom is whimsical with a sun tunnel for daylight, all ceramic five foot glass shower, copper vanity, and uniique mirror.
  • Hand crafted four post king size bed
  • Nice bedroom view. Miles of prairie, fields, and forest
  • A snowy hobbit day
  • The sun setting in late summer
  • Candle lit lanterns on the brick wall
  • Hot tub is open even in winter
  • Cozy Hobbity Christmas
  • The barrel vault hallway. The bathroom is down the hall, to the right
  • Cabin note book. Our guests are so creative!
  • Living grass roof along with solar panels
  • Earthen Shelter
  • What's that? Tea! No thank you! A little red wine I think for me, said Gandalf
  • From the Patio
  • The is the beginning of the trail to and from Blue Sky Vineyard.Meander through the trail with a glass of wine and that special someone.
  • Step away from the acorns...
  • Part of the wooded trail
  • Cabin book notes
  • This trail leads to Blue Sky Vineyard
  • Blue Sky Vineyards is walking distance
  • What a view!
  • A huge deck with an attached private hot tub pavilion
  • The Creole
  • Sculpture-angled
  • Creole_Interior_02
  • Creole_HotTub_01
  • BEAUJOLAISLights_fullsize
  • Creole_axe
  • Creole_Bedroom_01
  • Creole_Interior_01
  • Creole_Front_02
  • Creole_Front_01
  • Creole_HotTub_03
  • Creole-Deck_fullsize
  • Creole_HotTub
  • Creole_Interior_03
  • Creole_Interior_04
  • Cabin-in-the-snow
  • Creole17
  • Creole18
  • Creole_Interior_05
  • Creole_Interior_06
  • Creole_Interior_08
  • Firepit_fullsize
  • Creole_View_01
  • PlushRobes_fullsize
  • Sycamore-Red_fullsize
  • Hollow_front_01
  • Hollow_exterior_06
  • Hollow_bath_01
  • Hollow-Snow-view_long
  • Hollow_bedroom_01
  • Hollow_Bedroom_02
  • Hollow_front_snow_1
  • Hollow_HotTub_03
  • Hollow_exterior_01
  • Hollow_exterior_03
  • Hollow_reviews_02
  • Hollow_exterior_08
  • Deer-Family
  • Hollow_exterior_09
  • Hollow_front_02
  • Hollow_HotTub_01
  • Hollow_HotTub_02
  • Hollow_HotTub_04
  • Hollow_Interior_01
  • Hollow_interior_02
  • Hollow_interior_03
  • Hollow_interior_04
  • Hollow_interior_05
  • Hollow_interior_07
  • Hollow_interior_09
  • Hollow_interior_12
  • Hollow_kitchen_01
  • Hollow_reviews_02
  • Hollow_front_03
  • Activities_05
  • Activities_01
  • Activities_02
  • Activities_03
  • Activities_04
  • Activities_06
  • Activities_07
  • Activities_08
  • Activities_09
  • Activities_10
  • Activities_11
  • Activities_12
  • Activities_13
  • Activities_14
  • Activities_15
  • Activities_16
  • Activities_17
  • Activities_18
  • Activities_19
  • Activities_05
    So many waterfalls to see and they all look different in every season. The winter trophy goes to all the spectacular frozen winter waterfalls.
  • Activities_01
    Our cabins are a short, scenic stroll away from Blue Sky Vineyard, the premier winery on the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail
  • Activities_02
  • Activities_03
    Have you tried the famous bread and oil at Blue Sky Vineyard? Enjoy it there or have them box it up for you and take it back to your cabin, with a bottle of wine, of course!
  • Activities_04
    Burden Falls Shelter Cave in the Shawnee Forest
  • Activities_06
    Bluffs rise and fall around Devil's Kitchen Lake.
  • Activities_07
    Visit an orchard during picking season and take home the freshest produce you've ever had.
  • Activities_08
    The beautiful frozen Goreville waterfall
  • Activities_09
    Mushroom Palooza. This is Hen of the Woods
  • Activities_10
    Heron Pond. Step just a little ways off the beaten path into this surreal world. Birdwatchers, be sure to bring your camera.
  • Activities_11
    If you are a mushroom hunter The Shawnee Forest has mushrooms for all seasons. This is the famous morel.
  • Activities_12
    Rock Climbing Draper's Bluff in the Shawnee Hills.
  • Activities_13
    Gorgeous slot canyon at Panther's Den Wilderness Area.
  • Activities_14
    Snowball fight at Indian Kitchen in Lusk Creek Canyon!
  • Activities_15
    Just taking a drive.. This is one of the many beautiful views along the Shawnee Wine Trail
  • Activities_16
    We love our beautiful vultures. Makanda even celebrates them with the annual event "Vulture Fest".
  • Activities_17
    Rocky Bluff Waterfall near Rocky Comfort Cabins
  • Activities_18
    Lusk Creek Canyon. Winter hiking is exhilerating!
  • Activities_19
    Zipline Rope Bridge at Shawnee Canopy Tours three miles from Rocky Comfort Cabins.